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Welcome to Speech!



Welcome to a new year in the Speech and Language program!

Please send in a composition notebook for your child in speech and language therapy. This notebook will be used within class, and serve as a communication book between school and home. In therapy the notebook will be used for speech and language materials, as well as notes letting you know your child’s current progress.

I encourage you to talk with you child about what he/she did in Speech and in school each day. This helps develops expressive language skills. Students who are working on targeted speech sounds are expected to practice daily (about 5-10 minutes each day). This is a necessary and very important part of the program. It will ensure consistent progress and success throughout the year.

I look forward to a challenging and rewarding year working with your child. With your support we can expect good progress. Please feel free to contact me in writing or via email at: oacosta@northbergen.k12.nj.us