Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year!

Dear Parents/Guardians,
I am excited to be working with your child this school year! The relationships we develop between teacher and student and with the teacher and parent are strong indicators of student success down the line. Therefore, please refer to my resources on this webpage for ways to help your child and reach out to me via email at any time to set up time to speak about any concerns or to just answer a question you may have. 
I will begin working with your child by collecting data and conducting different assessments throughout the year to determine the individual needs of the students. Targeted small group instruction will help students at high risk make gains in their progress to reach grade level standards. When one goal is reached, students will move on to other areas that need progress toward meeting grade level standards. But this will also need the help and support of the family at home.  
It's important to keep children in a routine with bedtime and eating schedules that help them stay alert and ready to learn, everyday. The younger students, especially, depend on parents, grandparents, older siblings and guardians to help them stay organized. They need a lot of language and number practice, so speak to your child and ask them questions to help them think big and to be curious about the world around them! Take time everyday to read with them for about 20 minutes and limit the screen time on electronic devices to less than an hour on weekdays. Replace that time with hands-on activities, time to keep active, and with time to socialize with others. 
On the right is a link to some educational sources for parents for each grade level. These should be practiced daily after all assignments are completed until basic skills are strengthened. Please stay in constant communication with the child's teachers, and myself, as the interventionist, so that we can work together to find different techniques that will help the child succeed. I am available by email, phone, or virtually if you need any assistance at all. Thank you for your trust and partnership in allowing me to help your child grow socially, emotionally, and academically!
All the best,
-Dr. Jaafar