Virtual Learning

During Virtual Instruction, there are a number of online tools that we will be utilizing for Band this year.
The first tool we'll be using is Google Classroom. All band students will be sent an invitation to Google Classroom. You MUST accept this invitation! All assignments will be posted there.
The second tool we'll use is Google Meet, which is a video-conferencing platform that is built into Google Classroom. There will be a Google Meet code in your classoom, and when it is time to have your weekly lesson, just click that link. If at all possible, I prefer that your cameras be left on during our lessons; this is because when trying to help you learn your instrument, it is often necessary for me to see what you are doing, to make sure you're holding/playing your instrument correctly.
The second tool we'll be using is SmartMusic. SmartMusic is a web-based program that helps with guided practice, where it will actually tell you if you're playing notes and rhythms correctly. I will be sending assignments through SmartMusic, and you will be able to record yourself and submit them to me right in SmartMusic. If you signed up for SmartMusic last year, you can use the same account. If not, you will need to create a new account. Don't worry, I will be posting a tutorial video all about SmartMusic soon. Note: SmartMusic only works in the Chrome browser. If you are using your own computer (PC or Mac), you will need to make sure you have the Chrome browser downloaded (it's free!). There is also an app available for the iPad, but there are no apps for iPhones or Android devices.
The third online tool we will be using occasionally is FlipGrid. FlipGrid is an app that lets you record video presentations in response to assignments. This will help me check to make sure you're practicing the instrument correctly.