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Hello Lincoln Annex Kindergarten Parents,
I hope that you and your families are all healthy and well.
Every year the Kindergarten participates in a fundraiser called Square 1 Art. The children create beautiful artwork that Square 1 Art can put on various products.
Our students this year did just that, however, we were not in school to receive the access codes necessary for you to view your child’s artwork. Square 1 Art has made the access codes accessible to parents by visiting their website You will be asked for some information like your state, your child’s name and you child’s school name: Lincoln School Kindergarten Center. Your child’s art code will be provided to you.
Should you choose to make a purchase, the products will be shipped directly to you.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Christina Hayes
Square 1 Art Coordinator
Message from Square 1 Art:
New Ordering Information!
Dear Family,
UPDATE!: All Square 1 Art orders made starting from 7 PM EST, Monday, April 13 through June 30,2020, in order to ship directly to your home, will be a Retail Order and have a limited time flat fee of $4.95 at checkout. This change has been made by Square 1 Art in order to provide an easy, safe way for you to receive your order due to school closings. (After June 30, 2020, Retail Orders may still be made online, but the shipping fee will change to our regular Retail Order ship fees.)
To Search for Your Child Art Code online:
Simply click on Square 1 Art shopsite, and click on "Find Your Child's Art", and enter your state, school name, and your child's name. Your child's art code will appear. Once you enter your child's art code provided, you may view your child's art, and order products! (Mobile Users: If you are already logged in to your Square 1 Art account, and do not see "Find Your Child's Art", scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on "view full site" and the page will re-load and you will see, "Find Your Child's Art Code".
Do you need help? Just contact customer care at or at 888.332.3294x1 or fill out a request for help by clicking on the green button below.
Stay safe and stay healthy!
Artfully yours,
Your Square 1 Art Family
Square 1 Art | 888.332.3294 | 5470 Oakbrook Pkwy, Suite E, Norcross, GA 30019 square1art
Estimados Padres,
Espero se encuentren bien.
Cada año, nuestra escuela participa en una recaudación de fondos llamada Square 1 Art. Los niños crean hermosas obras de arte que Square 1 Art puede poner en varios productos.
Nuestros estudiantes este año hicieron justamente eso, sin embargo, no estábamos en la escuela para recibir los códigos de acceso necesarios para que usted vea la obra de arte de su hijo/a. Square 1 Art ha hecho que los códigos de acceso sean accesibles para los padres al visitar su sitio web Se le solicitará información como su estado, el nombre de su hijo/a y el nombre de la escuela de su hijo/a: Lincoln School Kindergarten Center. Se le proporcionará el código de arte de su hijo/a.
Si decide realizar una compra, los productos se enviarán directamente a su casa.
No dude en comunicarse conmigo por correo electrónico si tiene alguna pregunta.
Christina Hayes
Square 1 Art Coordinator