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Virtual Vocabulary Parade

Check out our Virtual Vocabulary Parade!


Quad 1: Ms. Foss, Ms. Griffin, Ms. Lavalle, Ms. Ballas, Robert Fulton Bilingual: Ms. Aquije



Quad 2: Ms. Bisone, Ms. Sell, Ms. Ruberto, Ms. Stampe, Ms. Ferrer




Quad 3: Ms. Fonde, Ms. Ortiz, Ms. Parikh, Ms. Queiro, Ms. Lescaille




Quad 4: Ms. Videla, Ms. Hayes, Ms. Scillieri, Ms. Prieto, Ms. Gamboa, Ms. Capotorto, McKinley School: Ms. Douma, Ms. Ventre




Boys and Girls you all did an amazing job and parents thanks for your support always!