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Welcome to Kindergarten

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  I have been a teacher for 12 years. I received my Bachelor's at NJCU and my Master's in Multicultural Education. I speak English and Spanish. I enjoy traveling with my family and teaching is my passion. For the 2021-2022 school year I am the kindergarten teacher at Lincoln Annex School. I can be reached via  gmail [email protected] , via google classroom, or on this website. I look forward to working with this year's kindergarten class!  
    Mi nombre es Jenny Aquije, soy graduada de NJCU como maestra Educacion y tengo un maestria en Educacion Bilingue. Disfruto viajar con mi familia y mi pasión es enseñar. 2021- 22 soy la maestra de Kindergarten en el Lincoln Annex School. Usted se puede comunicar conmigo via gmail [email protected]nj, via google classroom, y en este sitio web.  Me dará mucho gusto trabajar con sus niños este año escolar. 
I believe that every child can learn in different ways with the proper support. 
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