Welcome to my webpage. 
Hello. I'm Ms. Roth; although some of you may know me as Ms. Jaffe.  I'm the Title 1 teacher in the following classrooms;  Ms. Capotorto, Ms. Lescaille, Mrs. Parikh, Ms. Griffin, Mrs. Scillieri, Mrs. Gamboa & Ms. Ballas.  
Students were sent home with 100 pg packets of work which should keep them quite busy. In addition, Title 1 students can use the IXL website which has appropriate Kindergarten activities in it.  Questions start out easy & get harder as your child progresses. In addition, IXL keeps track of the time your child spends on its site weekly, what days they use the sight and what skills are practiced.  I can see exactly what your child works on & what they need help with.
Usernames for IXL are the child's first initial & their last name @northbergen.  Passwords are all dog123.  For example, my username would be droth@northbergen.  If you have a problem, you can email me @djaffe on the school website. If your child recently validated out of the Title 1 program, they can still use the website.
Please continue to read with your child everyday.  This is so important.  Take turns reading, & let your child read to you.  Even if they don't know all the words, they can try to sound them out and look for picture or story clues.  They can also make up words that would fit in.  If the words in a beautifully illustrated book are too difficult, let them use their imagination & make up the story!  They're still learning to love books. 
Have your child write & illustrate their own books! They can read them to family, friends, pets & stuffed animals! I still have laminated copies of books my own children wrote many years ago.  They're priceless treasures in their kindergarten handwriting, never to be thrown out!
You can also listen to "books on tape" with your children, while you all snuggle under the covers at bedtime. A child can listen to a story being read to them several levels above their reading level.  So if you have a few children, they can all listen together (hopefully). I have fond memories of listening to the entire Harry Potter series on tape with my children in the dark with a candle burning.  An exciting chapter book would also be great.  Let them take turns in choosing the story.
Lastly, stay safe everyone during these difficult times.
Good luck & best wishes!
Ms. Roth (Jaffe)
Monday 3/30/2020.
Good afternoon. I have sent all my Title 1 students an invitation to join my Google classroom. My code is gadoqwd. To join the class, just accept my invitation like you did for your child's homeroom teacher. If you need help, please email me. My school  email address is;
djaffe@northbergen.k12.nj.us      There is also info on my Lincoln School Webpage & on the Lincoln Annex Facebook page.

First, let me say that I miss my students very much and I hope you & your families are healthy, safe & feeling well. This is a difficult time for everyone & a time that will be written in our history books. Students & parents will be able to tell their children & grandchildren, "Yes, I lived thru the 2020 Coronovirus pandemic". This is a defining moment in our history which I hope never, ever repeats itself!

I know that students have assignments from their homeroom teachers along with the paper packages to complete. It may seem overwhelming, but once started, most assignments should be manageable for your child. I don't want to add much except that students should practice what they've already learned in class, so they don't forget it. This includes; Wilson Alphabet Letters, Vowel sounds, Vowel hand gestures, Sight words, Word wall words, Trick words & CVC words. Beginning, middle & ending sounds should be practiced as well.

When your child needs a break, let them sing & dance to the videos I've attached. This is a fun way to learn & get exercise. There are many fun videos to choose from & the songs are so catchy, you'll be singing along with your child in no time.

Lastly; parents, just try your best, as I'm sure you do. It's a difficult time for many families.
Some of you are working during the day & your child is home with a sibling, babysitter or family member who may not speak English. Let your child read to anyone and everyone available! This will encourage their lifelong love for reading.

Best wishes,
Ms. Roth
Workout to the Letter Sounds | Version 2 | Letter Sounds Song | Phonics for Kids | Jack Hartmann
YouTube video   ‪4 minutes‬
Workout to the Letter Sounds | Version 3 | Letter Sounds Song | Phonics for Kids | Jack Hartmann
YouTube video   ‪4 minutes‬