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Welcome to the new school year!


I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to a successful school year. My name is Kaitlin Arcos and I am your child’s Speech-Language Specialist at the preschool. I'd like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to you and your child as we begin the 2022–2023 academic year. I am excited and looking forward to spending the next year working with your child to improve his/her language and communication skills.


Daily practice is crucial for your child's success in order to promote speech and language development. I believe it is important to have open communication between home and school. With our combined support and effort this school year will be a great success with a lot of fun along the way. I invite you to keep in touch, and I truly look forward to working with you and your child.


Speech sessions will be held in person weekly. A schedule will be provided. In order to facilitate speech and language growth, it is crucial to practice daily. Remember you do not have to practice the speech specific theme/material daily, but it is important to support the use of functional language skills/particular objective for the week. 


I have created a Google classroom. Please be sure to join it! 


TCU #3 https://classroom.google.com/c/NTQ2Mjk4MzEyNDAy?cjc=qsxczaj

TCU#4 https://classroom.google.com/c/NTQ2Mjk2MzA1Mzcy?cjc=bzozdzm

TCU#5 https://classroom.google.com/c/NTQ2MzAwOTcyNDkw?cjc=h6yf4j3

TCU#12,13 https://classroom.google.com/c/NTQ2MzAwODgwNjA2?cjc=d7q5cap

TCU#15 https://classroom.google.com/c/NTQ2Mjk5MzM2MjM4?cjc=yb247ox

TCU#16 https://classroom.google.com/c/NTQ2MzAwOTU4NjQz?cjc=nsr4dyf

TCU#17 https://classroom.google.com/c/NTQ2MzAwOTg4NTQ2?cjc=gsmkhvl


Please feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.