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About Computer Class

In our computer curriculum, previous grades’ skills provide a scaffold for extending knowledge into the next grade.


For Kindergarteners, computer class is the first exposure to using computers in an academic setting. They will become familiar with computer terms and basic operations, such as using a mouse or trackpad, adjusting volume, navigating to a webpage, clicking and dragging, typing, simple troubleshooting, online safety and even some age-appropriate coding.


First graders will be introduced to Google Docs, as well building on the skills learned in Kindergarten.


Second graders will begin to use Google Slides and Google Draw.


Third graders will start on Google Sheets.


Fourth graders will learn proper citation, advanced searching, and go on a digital field trip.


Fifth graders will study copyright. It is vital that students understand how creativity and innovation is protected under the law.


Sixth graders will search library databases, do advanced troubleshooting, explore the history of computers, and create an end-of-year project using Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets.


Seventh graders will research and format a science fair presentation, create avatars, and complete a history presentation in conjunction with the social studies teacher.


Eighth graders will create a mini-engineering project using Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) and complete a multi-disciplinary project with the math, science, and ELA teachers, exploring the science behind action films.