Homework 7th Grade Mathematics

9/6/19- complete the multiplication tables up to the number 15. They are due on Monday. Enjoy the weekend!!!
9/10/19- complete worksheet #'s 1-12, fractions to decimals. Work on separate sheet of paper. no work, no credit
9/11/19- complete worksheet #'s 1-12, fractions to decimals. work on separate sheet of paper. no work, no credit
9/12/19- complete #'s 1-16 worksheet. no work, no credit. hw, cw, quiz grade 
9/13/19- finish worksheet Practice A/B, decimals to fractions/mixed numbers in simplest form. Have a nice weekend!!
9/16/19- complete worksheet C. Make sure word problems are put into decimal form!
9/17/19- complete fractions/decimals into percent form. #1-18
9/18/19- complete fractions/decimals into percent form. Reteach worksheet
9/19/19- no homework, benchmark assessments tomorrow. Get textbook covered.
9/20/19- no homework, benchmark assessments on Monday, open-ended questions. Have a nice weekend!
9/24/19- pgs. 22-24, guided practice. Turn all fractions into their decimal form, then put them in order from least to greatest.
9/25/19- pg. 25, #1-6 on its own number line, original numbers. #7-12 on its own number line, original numbers.
9/26/19- pg. 30, #1-12, put irrational numbers into decimal form. NO CALCULATORS!
9/27/19- workbook pg. 2 #27, pg. 4 #'s 14/15, pg. 7 #9, pg. 8 #11. Students copied numbers out of workbook before they left class. If students didn't copy, they were told to find a student in class they can copy numbers from, or come see me before the end of the day. Have a nice weekend!!!
9/30/19- pg. 50 #1-16. follow directions. 1-6 fraction to decimal, #7-10 higher absolute value, #11-16 decimal to fraction.
10/1/19- finish work from the workbook. students copied all problems before they left class. Some finished in school. Test on Thursday. Study!!!!!!
10/2/19- Study for the Chapter 1 test tomorrow. Make sure all lunch forms are completed and brought back. Half day on Friday October 4th.
10/4/19- pg. 53 #1-23, write out problems. Have a Nice Weekend! LETS GO YANKEES!!!!!
10/8/19- pgs. 62-72, guided practice #1-10. write out problems. Do not number 1-10 and put just answers. 
10/9/19- pg. 73, write out all problems, including word problems and solve everything.
10/10/19- finish worksheet, both sides.
10/15/19- guided practice pg. 79-83, #'s 1-8. write out the word problems. and solve all
10/16/19- pgs. 84-85, #'s 1-27 odd. Write out all word problems and word problems.
10/17/19- complete worksheet B/word problems both sides. Subtracting Integers.
10/18/19- finish worksheet both sides. Have a Nice Weekend!!!
10/21/19- pg. 93 #1-33, write out word problems. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!!
10/22/19- finish both sides of worksheet. Mult./Div. integers.
10/23/19- pg. 97 #1-13 odds, show all steps and circle the answer.
10/24/19- half worksheet, complete the even numbers. show all the steps and circle the answer.
10/25/19- finish worksheet Order of Operations. both sides. Have a Nice Weekend, Let's Go JETS!!!!!!
10/30/15- finish page 110 #1-9, #35. Write out entire word problem then solve.
11/1/19- complete worksheet, both sides. LET'S GO JETS!!!!!!!!
11/4/19- finish page 110 #'s 10-32. change mixed numbers into fractions before you multiply. Change all division problems into multiplication problems, Keep Change Flip. All whole numbers should also be changed to fraction form before multiplying. Just put the whole number as the numerator and the number 1 as a denominator. Enjoy the day off!!!!
11/6/19- complete both sides of the worksheet (word problems). Enjoy the extended break!!!
11/12/19- finish the worksheet on adding and subtracting decimals. Make sure all decimal points are lined up. 
11/13/19- textbook pg. 120 #1-5, #15-18, and #21. Write out number 21.
11/14/19- text pg. 120-121 #'s 6-10, 19, 23, 26. write out word problems (23/26). 
11/15/19- finish worksheet. both sides. skip 19-24
11/19/19- finish textbook page 124 #'s 1-28.
11/20/19- textbook pg. 124-125 #'s 31, 32, 34, 36, 37, 38, 40. Do Not write out problems, show all work. Study for chapter 2 test on Friday.
11/21/19- study for chapter 2 test tomorrow.
11/25/19- finish page 126. skip #'s 14, 15.
12/3/19- pg. 134 #1-3, 137 #4-7, 141 #1-3, 143 # 4,5. 
12/4/19- complete pgs. 138 and 144. Write out all problems and draw pictures with word problems.
12/6/19- finish both sides of the worksheet. LET'S GO JETS!!!!!!!!!
12/11/19- complete worksheet combining like terms. Both sides.
12/13/19- textbook pg. 159-160 17-25, 33-47 ODDS ONLY!!!!!!
12/16/19- finish textbook pgs. 159-160 #18-48 evens. 
12/18/19- complete handout from class. 3 pages. will be graded
12/19/19- complete worksheet both sides with substitution
1/3/20- finish worksheets for pre-test of chapter 4.
1/8/20- worksheet side C, one step equations, solve/check.
1/9/20- complete worksheet, add/sub equations word problems and puzzle. 
1/10/20- complete worksheet, multiply/divide equations, one-step. solve/check
1/13/20- complete worksheet multiply/division equations. Hand in puzzle work for classwork grade.
1/14/20- complete practice B two-step equations. solve/check on a separate piece of paper.  
1/21/20- finish pg. 209 #1-12 in the textbook, solve/check. 2 step equations.
1/22/20- finish worksheet 2 step equations. solve/check.
1/23/20- complete worksheet multi-step equations (10). solve/check. Use 2-step equation to check each problem
1/24/20- complete worksheet practice B (15). solve/check. use 2-step equation to check
1/28/20- complete practice A, variables on both sides (10) solve and check on a separate sheet of paper.
1/29/20- practice B #1-7, 10, 11. solve/check
1/30/20- pg. 209 #14-19, solve and check. check with 2-step equation.
2/3/20- finish pg. 209-210 #20-30. solve/check
2/4/20- pg. 210 #'s 37-40. solve/check
2/5/20- pg. 217-218 #1,2,3,4,9,10. draw out 1 and 2. Write out the question part of each question, not all the information, just the question part.
2/6/20- complete worksheet.
2/11/20- complete worksheet. solve/graph all inequalities. 
2/12/20- complete worksheet multiply/division inequalities. One-Step. solve/graph.
2/13/20- complete two-step inequalities/graph all solutions. Enjoy the four day weekend, SEE YA ON TUESDAY!!!!
2/18/20- complete pg. 233 #9-14, solve/graph each solution set for the inequalities
2/20/20- finish pg. 234 #23-33 odd and #48. solve/graph
2/24/20- finish pg. 234 #36-46, even, solve/graph.
2/25/20- finish worksheet. #1-12 solve/graph. test on friday
2/27/20- complete pg. 242 #1-19 odd, solve/check or solve/graph. Will be collected, all correct answers will be counted as extra credit on Chapter 4 test tomorrow.
3/4/20- complete worksheet on unit rates.
3/6/20- complete worksheet unit rates and ratios. Have a nice weekend, make sure you turn your clocks ahead Saturday night before you go to bed!!!!!
3/10/20- complete practice A identifying proportions and equivalent ratios.
3/11/20- complete practice B, identifying proportions and equivalent ratios.