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North Bergen Preschool Curriculum –

Curiosity Corner 2nd Edition (Success For All)

Curiosity Corner is a comprehensive preschool program that encompasses children’s language, cognitive, mathematical, emotional, interpersonal, creative, and physical development. The detailed, stimulating curriculum guides the development of beginning literacy and math skills. Science and social studies concepts are introduced in the context of rich, two-week thematic units. To learn more, please visit


Developing oral language and vocabulary is one of the most important goals for preschool children to achieve to prepare them for later success in school. In Curiosity Corner, there is a balance with specific vocabulary instruction and experiences that promote natural language acquisition. Wonderful Words are theme-related words that have been highlighted for additional emphasis and practice. A new Wonderful Word is introduced each day.

Curiosity Corner 2nd Edition Thematic Concepts

  • Welcome to Curiosity Corner (#1) – School is a special place where we learn and play. The children will begin to follow classroom rules and routines and will learn how to use and take care of school materials. The children will also learn the names of classmates and make friends.
  • Wonderful Words – school, name, people, materials, learn, friend, new, together, share, different
  • Marvelous Me (#2) – Everyone is unique and there is no one exactly like me. The children will identify the roles of body parts and explore each of the five senses. They will observe similarities and differences among people, specifically between babies, children, and adults. They will also identify things they have learned and what they would like to learn in the future.
  • Wonderful Words – unique, body, senses, sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell, grow (height), baby
  • Family Matters (#3) – Each of us is part of a family and family members are joined together by caring for one another. Families come in different sizes. The children will identify family relationships and describe how families grow, change, and communicate their ideas and feelings.
  • Wonderful Words – family, care,  grandparents, size, grow (quantity), home, help, communicate, write, expression
  • Places and Faces in Communities (#4) – My neighborhood is where I live. Communities grow and change. The children will demonstrate an awareness of the people and places in the local neighborhood and community.
  • Wonderful Words – community, neighborhood, job, place, buy, emergency, fire station, change, fun, sign
  • Fall Into Fall (#5) – Fall is one of the four seasons in the year. The children will learn about seasonal changes in weather and animal habits. The children will also investigate the attributes of apples and pumpkins which are foods harvested during the fall.
  • Wonderful Words – season, fall, prepare, clothing, harvest, vine, seed, tree, fruit, football
  • To Market, To Market (#6) – A market, or grocery store, is a place where we buy food. The grocery store sells different kinds of foods and other items that people use in their homes. There are different kinds of jobs in a market. Markets are different all over the world.
  • Wonderful Words – store, cashier, manager, groceries, department, ingredients, recipe, advertisement, factory, market
  • Many Thanks (#7) – We celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday by thinking about people and things for which we are thankful. The children will discuss ways that Thanksgiving Day is typically celebrated in the United States.
  • Wonderful Words – celebrate, dinner, turkey
  • Express Yourself (#8) – Art and music are all around us. They make our world a more beautiful place. Art and music are produced with a variety of tools and in a variety of styles. The children will experiment with different artistic styles and see art from all over the world. The children will also hear different genres of music and observe how different types of music make them feel.
  • Wonderful Words – music, tools, style, hobby, beautiful, listen, classical (music), strings, drums, beat
  • Winter Wonders (#9) – Winter is one of the four seasons of the year. The children will begin to understand that animal behaviors change in winter and there are changes in nature (e.g., temperature, types of precipitation). In places where it gets very cold in the winter, water freezes and becomes ice. The children will observe, predict, experiment, and draw conclusions about states of water.
  • Wonderful Words – winter, freeze, snow, snowflake, sled, down, coat, hibernate, migrate, flock
  • Healthy Me (#10) – There are many ways that people keep their body healthy – visits to the doctor and dentist, eating healthy foods, following safety rules. The children will expand knowledge of body parts and functions in relation to good health. They will also begin to understand the relationship between good nutrition and health, and begin to us good hygiene habits to ensure good health.
  • Wonderful Words – x-ray, clean, dentist, healthy, vegetable, rule, bicycle, germ, soap, seatbelt
  • Here We Go! Transportation (#11) – Transportation is a way of getting from one place to another. There are many forms of transportation. The children will become familiar with various forms of transportation and transportation methods, and continue to develop an awareness of their communities. The children will classify transportation by land, water, and air.
  • Wonderful Words – go, transportation, air, wheels, travel, jet, train, ship, horse, truck
  • Baa-Baa, Moo-Moo, Woof, Meow (#12) – People care and provide for pets and farm animals. The children will learn that some animals make better pets than others and that people like different kinds of pets. They will develop an awareness of the products and services provided by different animals.
  • Wonderful Words – animal, pet, bite, feather, mammal, barn, egg, wool, plow, veterinarian
  • Wild and Woolly (#13) – The children will continue to learn about animals in our world and those that are extinct. Wild animals from all over the world can be found in nature or zoos. Some wild animals are endangered or extinct. Dinosaurs lived on the earth long ago and are extinct. The children will begin to develop an awareness of things that happened in the past and begin to understand the relationship between events in the past, present, and future.
  • Wonderful Words – zoo, wild, zookeeper, map, endangered, extinct, huge, carnivore, bones, museum
  • Swing Into Spring (#14) – Spring is one of the four seasons of the year. Spring is full of wonders – baby animals being born, plants growing, insects hatching. The children’s curiosity will be encouraged with the exploration of the season’s changes. The children will grow in their understanding of the natural world and begin to develop a greater respect for all living things.
  • Wonderful Words – four, warm, jacket, activity, up, nest, insect, spider, baby, kitten
  • Roots and Shoots (#15) – Plants begin to grow in the spring. The children will begin to develop an understanding of the life cycle of plants. Plants provide different things for people and animals. The children will begin to develop an understanding of plants in the environment.
  • Wonderful Words – plants, soil, sunlight, bud, flower, leaves, roots, stem, shelter, provide
  • Around the World (#16) – People live in all parts of the world. The children will learn about people from many different places. They will make connections between the physical geography of an area to the jobs, homes, food, and clothing of the people who live there. The children will also demonstrate an appreciation of and respect for similarities and differences in customs among different cultural groups.
  • Wonderful Words – question, speak, game, fabric, food, kinds (types), rhythm, world, festival, occasions
  • Our Big, Beautiful Earth (#17) – Earth is the planet on which we live. The children will develop beginning concepts about the planet Earth and its place in space. We have to take care of our planet and protect the earth’s resources. The children will develop a beginning understanding of the positive environmental impact of reducing resource use and reusing and/or recycling materials.
  • Wonderful Words – on, sun, moon, space, astronaut, planet, reuse, recycle, reduce, everyone
  • Splash Into Summer! (#18) – Summer is one of the four seasons of the year. The children will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge about seasonal conditions, activities, and sports that many people experience during the summer. The outdoors will be utilized to give the children hands-on learning opportunities.
  • Wonderful Words – summer, berry, hot, lake, during, zipper, exercise, beach, picnic, visit