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Mrs. Reyes Bio

My name is Christine Reyes. I graduated from Seton Hall University with my Master's in Psychology and then completed the Alternate Route Program for Education at NJCU. I was a mental health facilitator for 9 years until I transitioned into teaching. I have experience as a resource and general ed teacher, working with k-3rd grade students. This is my seventh year teaching and I am excited to teach at Lincoln School this year. 


I teach because I want to make a difference in students’ lives. I want to help them develop skills to become lifelong learners and enjoy learning. I want to help students strengthen their self-efficacy in mathematics and literacy. I want to help them become more engaged and enjoy learning, therefore, increasing their confidence in, and the enjoyment of academics to their specific needs. I want my students to know that they can learn and that they have support. Above all else, I want my students to know that they are important and that they are loved!


I have an amazing husband and two wonderful children, a boy and a girl. I enjoy spending time with my family in any way that I can. We especially love to travel and play games.

Christine Reyes
Resource Teacher
Lincoln Elementary School